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Jermiah Brake,Roller, Sleigher


JERMIAH BRAKE, farmer, P.O. Green Village, was born April 15, 1834,
in Letterkenny Township. this county. His great-grandfather came from 
Germany and settled in Lancaster County, where he farmed and died, and 
where his son, CHRISTIAN BRAKE was born. Christian married MOLLY ROLLER,
in Frederick Countu, VA. Thet settled in Letterkenny Township, this county,
over one hundred years ago, and were among the pioneers of this county; they 
they reared a large family and died here at a good old age. Their son, John
who was a successful farmer, was born, here July 2, 1795, and died May 7, 1858.
He married CATHERINE SLEIGHTER, who died October 1, 1857, aged sixty-four years.
She was the mother of six children who arrived at maturity: Jeremiah, Solomon,
John, Magdalena, Jacob (deceased at the age of nineteen years) and Catherina
(deceased at the age of fifty-seven years). Of these our subject was educated
in Letterkenny Township, where he farmed with his brothers; finally the
property was divided and our subject came to Greenvillage, where he now resides.
He has a farm of 150 acres near the village. March 4, 1883, he married Miss
Amanda E., daughter of Jacob and Charlotte Keefer. Mr. and Mrs. Brake have
two children: Carrie and Jacob Howard. Mr. Brake is identified with the Democratic
party, as was also his father, though the old pioneer, Christian Brake, was a Whig.

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